The Joy of Kingdom Driven Living

You were created to LIVE supernaturally in your everyday life. You are the answer to the world's problems and have the power in YOU to change the world. 

This book will show you:

* How to witness WITH joy by demonstrating and enforcing the victory Jesus' blood paid for you to have.
* How to operate in the Kingdom of God and understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in end times.
* How to walk with confidence and demonstrate God’ supernatural power, love and presence on the street, work or home, anywhere or any time.
* How to hear His voice and be led with confidence by His Holy Spirit.
* How to understand the principles of the kingdom that bring you success, no matter what the circumstances.
* How to enforce the JUDGEMENT of the devil.
*Build your faith to RAISE The DEAD and heal the sick as the Body of Christ.

This book with make you mad OR will set you on fire to DO the supernatural!

Many churches today don't need God. They can sing without Him, but He does not inhabit their praise. They can quote a few scriptures, but have no life or confirming signs. They can tell you how bad you have been, but offer no power for change. They condemn you, tell you that you are a sinner, guilty of breaking a law, shame you and make you feel like a worm in the dirt, but offer no redemption. They make the church out to be weak, sickly, poor, guilty and condemned. The church is the only answer for the world's problems!
The Kingdom of God is in you in power to OVERCOME this worlds problems.