The Keeper: A Short Story Prequel to Forbidden

FREE Short Story: The Keeper: A Short Story Prequel to Forbidden 

In the Russian wasteland, a man named Talus bears a secret so terrible that it will cost him no less than his life to share it... a secret so terrible that he must share it in order to find those who will help him protect the knowledge that will one day save humanity. He has chosen two brothers, both hermit monks, to join him in his quest. But time is short... and no man is ready to receive the news that Talus must now share with them both: That they are both already dead.

THE KEEPER is the short story prequel to Forbidden, the first novel in The Books of Mortals series. First there was the Circle Trilogy. Now a new stunning epic begins.

"The Keeper" is my first exposure to Authors Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee. When I read a novel written by more than one author I'm always intrigue. I am an author myself and I find this concept quite difficult to imagine. I will say this however...this short story prequel to the full length novel, "Forbidden" will definitely whet your appetite in anticipation of what's to come.

When Talus arrives at the dirt home in the woods of twin brothers, hermits Pavel and Gustov, he really shakes them up with his supposed theory. He points out that they have contracted a deadly virus which robs them of all emotions with the exception of fear. They are both totally unaware of their exposure to the Legion virus and are equally reluctant to believe Talus' story. He works hard to convince them that they are really dead. Time will tell if he truly succeeds in this endeavor. The complete story will unfold in "Forbidden" as they decide to become "Keepers" and embrace their lost humanity and possibly protect the rest of the world.