When Heaven Comes Down: Experiencing God's Glory in Your Life

by Ché Ahn, with forwards by Rolland Baker and Heidi Baker 

http://amzn.to/Pk3NXk [$.99 right now] 

"If we want to know God personally, to relate to him intimately," says international evangelist [and apostle] Che Ahn, "we must be prepared to receive and experience his glory." Born out of his personal experiences with numerous revival movements around the world, Ahn provides insights into the manifest presence of God--his glory--showing how it reveals both his character and his power. 

But Ahn takes it deeper by exploring the ways God's glory is displayed. Ahn also discusses God's purposes for revealing his glory, how he uses it to make us one with him, how his glory calls us to holiness, and much more. An invaluable resource, this book will appeal to believers who are looking to go deeper with God and allow his glory to transform them.

The book is about experiencing God's glory. Ahn first explains what God's glory is and gives many anecdotes of peoples' experiences with it. He explains the waves of glory (the Revival movements over the last couple of centuries)and his view of what the future holds. I was aware of some of this history and happy to hear the rest that I wasn't familiar with. This book is a great companion to another Bethany House book that came out this year: Love Has A Face by Michele Perry. Both paint a beautiful picture of what can happen when our life's goal becomes having a closer walk with our Father in Heaven and pursuing holiness.