Women of the Bible

FREE BOOK: Women of the Bible  

The classic guide to biblical women who shaped Israel and the Church . . . and their messages and lessons for women today.

More than just a faddish look at a few bad girls from the Bible, this is the most widely used and best-selling study of Bible women-good and bad.

Drawing on the life, character, and experiences of more than thirty women of the Bible, the author combines solid biblical knowledge, interesting historical background, and human warmth to make these women live and speak to women today.

While the world has changed dramatically since these women lived, human nature and the pressures of female life have not. Imagination and insight add perception to these factual accounts taken directly from Scripture. Thoughtful and sympathetic questions for discussion at the end of each chapter allow today's women to personally apply the lessons of the women God has chosen to preserve in Scripture. Captivating reading for personal insight. Readily adaptable to any class or study group setting. A superlative book for every woman who longs to achieve all that God has planned for her.

Great read and layout of information for study purposes. I would recommend this book for all who maybe interested in getting summary information or highlights of the women noted in the Bible.