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Many people dream of writing a book, but few ever getting around to doing it. Why? Mike Reuther, author of "Write the Darn Book", believes too many aspiring writers set themselves up for failure by believing it's difficult. It doesn't have to be.

The key is writing from one's heart to allow for the free flow of words to come pouring out. In no time at all - a matter of weeks - a writer can have a manuscript ready to be edited and eventually published.

The book also covers literary agents and the publishing world. Drawing from some of his own experience, the author reveals mistakes to avoid in writing and trying to get published. This book makes it clear that anyone with the desire to write a book can make it happen. And the good news is, it's quite simple.

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[From a 5-star review]  An upbeat, enthusiastic book about a fast method of writing. This method utilizes a free flow of thought that is easy to read, quite like listening to someone tell a good story. Creativity is enhanced if one doesn't take the slow route of trying to get everything perfect in the first draft - in fact, paying too much attention to the mechanics if writing can stifle creativity. With fast writing your "voice" fills your pages - much better, more readable than the stilted writing that is likely to occur if you are worried about using exactly the right word, phrase or metaphor. The writing will sell itself; say what you have to say; trust yourself. Make your writing shine. Don't subject your writing (or yourself) to negative people. Write from the heart. Let it rip. Corrections and revisions can come later. This book is somewhat repetitive, but after all, to hear an idea many times, couched perhaps in different words, will make it STICK.