Difference Makers: An Action Guide for Jesus Followers

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By M. Scott Boren    

Christians want to make a difference, but sometimes the ministry bar is raised so high that only those who are "go-getters" can do it. Mission work can look like a drastic life change, unattainable to those who aren't in full-time ministry. So the average church member is left without a mission. 

Pastor and author M. Scott Boren shows how ordinary Christians can make a huge impact through their everyday lives. Boren teaches church members how to make a difference for God where they are. At work. With friends. In the neighborhood. Mission work doesn't need to be a life-altering event. It can be simply living a life that honors Jesus and points others to him.

Let's face it: most of us are regular people living in a broken world--a world that needs our touch, our influence, our actions. Difference Makers is not a book about Christians in the headlines. It's about you. This 40-day exploration will show how you can make a difference for God where you are right now--at your workplace, in your neighborhood, with your friends and family--just by the way you live, pray, and act in your daily life.

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We all want to matter in this world but sometimes it seems making a real impact is beyond our reach. This book gives practical ways we can all make a difference, right where we live, in our neighborhoods and networks, putting love where love is not. I am reading this book for the second time now with a few others. This is a book that all of us ordinary Christians need to read!