inSignificant: Why You Matter in the Surprising Way God Is Changing the World

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Popular Author Reveals the Unexpected Ways God Gets Things Done

If you want to change the world, you have to do it God's way. And God's way looks nothing like our culture's way. Author and pastor Chris Travis gathers powerful true stories--including his own experiences teaching in a dangerous public school--to cast a vision of how God has a way of turning things upside down: he makes the weak strong, the foolish wise, and the insignificant matter. Anyone who wants to live a life of meaning will benefit from this gripping and insightful book. Includes end-of-chapter questions for personal study or small group discussions.

Not only is inSignificant a fun and entertaining read, but Chris Travis does an amazing job using his difficult professional experiences to show all of us the surprising ways God's kingdom is being restored. I greatly appreciate the personal and candid moments Chris allows his readers to see. After reading it, I can't help but wonder what hidden passages and unexplored avenues God uses in my own life. inSignificant is worth the read.

Chris Travis lives in New York City with his wife, Lindsay, where he works as a writer and the pastor of Everyday Christian Church (www.everydaycc.com).