Intimacy With God Through Journaling

Hearing from God can be as simple as picking up the phone and saying hello to an old friend. As Christians, we hunger to hear God speak to us. He desires to communicate with us even more than we do. Our Heavenly Father wants an intimate, daily relationship with us. "Two-way journaling" is an avenue that will cultivate that relationship.

In this inspiring book, the author demonstrates how believers are positioning themselves, through journaling, to hear God’s voice. Janet opens up to you glimpses of her personal communion time with the Lord. Experience the richness and wonder of God’s voice as He lovingly speaks to Janet’s heart, and through her, to yours?

Intimacy With God Through Journaling is for those who want to take their relationship with Him to the next level. Throughout the book, it shows how God longs to commune with us, speak to us, and hep us through the struggles and battles we face in our daily walk with Him. She demonstrates how if we seek Him, He is faithful to answer us in specific ways. I love her transparency and how she takes her very real problems to the Creator of the universe, allowing Him to minister to her as only He can. 

Reading this book will encourage and teach you to do the same. I loved reading this book and highly recommend it to anyone who isn't sure if God still speaks to us today as individuals or to anyone who wants to experience Him in a deeper, more intimate way.