Ladies of Gold, Volumes 1, 2, & 3

Ladies of Gold      

Sale: about $3 a book.  

http://nwp.link/JamesMaloney [All of his books here; many are on sale now.] 

Some seventy years ago, in a California mountain community, Frances Metcalfe formed the Golden Candlestick, a remarkable covenant fellowship dedicated to worshiping the Lord and interceding for the nations. 

For more than fifty years, they experienced some of the most extraordinary encounters with the King of Kings, and now for the first time, their complete works are compiled in an authorized, three-volume set by James Maloney, in honor of the heritage they conferred to The ACTS Group International. 

Do you like testimonies? You’ll love this.

Ladies of Gold: The Ministry of the Golden Candlestick by James Maloney is one of the best books I have read regarding intimacy & intercession. This book so encouraged me to intercede more than ever. What a dedicated group of people to stay in the secret place & do what God ask of them & to see destiny carried forth.

The walk that God took these ladies is awesome and true to the Word of God. One could desire to have the same experiences as they did with the understanding of how it must line up with the Bible. I can ready see how some who claim to have had some of these supernatural encounters but they lack in lining up with God's Word. This is a must for anyone seeking to understand the Spiritual Realm