Snatchproof: The Art of Hearing God's Voice

By Wendy Selvig 

Through personal examples and practical step-by-step advice, Wendy Selvig teaches the reader how to listen for the voice of God speaking to them. Become trustworthy in hearing God’s voice for yourself and others as you read the wisdom presented in Snatchproof

·         Ways We Hear Him
·         Why God Speaks
·         The Voice of an Enemy
·         The Voice of God
·         Hearing God When Emotional
·         Avoiding Flakiness
·         Exercises to Help You Hear

Snatchproof is an absolute must-read for the days we are living in. Wendy Selvig has created a masterpiece in this book, and I highly recommend that you take time to learn these principles of hearing God’s voice. The benefits will be far reaching, even for your children, grandchildren, and those whom you work and socialize with.
—Dr. Daniel Daves, Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist

Wendy Selvig has covered the subject of hearing from God in a practical fashion using personal examples. Within these pages you will discover how hearing from God will make you productive in His Kingdom. This book will help you communicate with your King.
—Leonard E. Weston, Senior Pastor,

Wellsprings Ministries, Piet Retief, South Africa