So What's a Kindle?

So what’s this Kindle thing that everybody’s talking about?

That’s a little tough to describe:

·         It’s a device for reading books. (Yes it is.)
·         It’s a device for reading books and surfing the internet. (Yes again.)
·         It’s a device for watching TV and movies instead of reading books. (Well, sort of yes.)
·         It’s not a device; it’s free software. (Yes, yet again.)  

Surprise: It’s all of the above. Or more accurately, whichever of the above that you prefer.

So if you’re curious, explore the links. The devices are cool. But seriously, the free software works on most every computer or mobile device on the planet. And it really is free! 

(And here are some links for making Kindle or Kindle apps work: One, Two, Three, Four.)

And oh, the books you can get for any of them! So much knowledge!