Starting Your Own Ministry.

FREE DOCUMENT: Starting Your Own Ministry.   

This pdf document is a helper guide on how to start your own ministry. Glean from the information on different business structures as well as: board formation, choosing a name, websites, social media, graphic design and state and federal paperwork.

Note: this is a different format than the usual Kindle format. Here’s how to read it on your Kindle: http://nwp.link/PDFtoKindle. This is not needed if you’re reading on a PC or an iPad or a tablet computer, or for most smartphones.

Note also that this guide to starting your own ministry uses a structured, organized paradigm for ministry. If you're a Christian, then whatever you do is ministry, and many people don't need a structure or organization to support it. (http://nwp.link/FullTimeMinistry)

Be blessed - indeed, be blissed! - whichever way you go. But Go an Minister!