The Cry God Hears

ONE BUCK BOOK: The Cry God Hears  

Confusion, financial constraints, job losses, global aggression--this is, at the very least, a day of uncertainty. The status quo is shaken, and we are in a time of tumultuous change, both in the world and in the Church.

Bestselling author and respected pastor Barbara Yoder offers hope and encouragement to everyone who wants to face the future with joy. Devastating personal circumstances cause God's people to cry out to him, she explains, and that is just what he desires. 

By showing readers how to travail in prayer, to press through fear or even hopelessness, Yoder prepares them for true spiritual breakthrough. Through "the cry God hears," believers can step into the brand-new life he has waiting for them.

This is an eye-opening, full of revelation, answer to my questions, wonder of a book. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ALL who want more of God and just how to go about it. Learn everything you wanted to know about travail but didn't know to ask. " Travail is a prayer assignment with a specific goal " Gain insight on how to go from CHURCH to KINGDOM. This book will change your life. Discover for yourself : THE CRY GOD HEARS...and Is Waiting to Answer by Barbara J. Yoder