The Prodigal Life: Coming all the way home to God

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So many of us get lost on "The Way" - we need help. The prodigal son tells the story of a Christian who gets lost, but finds hope. The road is narrow, and hard to stay on. It's easy to wander. This book can be used as a guide. Never give up.

One Christian Author called THE PRODIGAL LIFE "required reading for all Christians."

"I read the ebook but would love to see in paperback so I can have copies to share with those who cannot read it otherwise. Though I am a new Christian, this book inspired me." - Lucille, a reader via Facebook

"I downloaded your book on my kindle last night after reading a sample. I just finished the book this evening. I can't put into words how much the book has made me think differently. Thank you for writing this book and opening my eyes." - Donna, a reader via email

"Just finished your prodigal book. It is just what I have needed. <3" - Heather, reader via email