The Work of Christ: What the Events of Jesus' Life Mean for You

FREE BOOK: The Work of Christ  
By R. C. Sproul  

“The work of Jesus reveals to us who He is. The work and the person may be distinguished but never separated.” 
—Dr. R. C. Sproul 

Most Christians recognize the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection. But how many of us understand the theological significance of Jesus’ actions before and after the Crucifixion? In The Work of Christ, Dr. R. C. Sproul looks at every aspect of Jesus’ life and work, addressing such life-changing topics as:

  • Why Jesus’ baptism is relevant for our salvation
  • The similarities and differences between the temptation of the first Adam and the temptation of Jesus, the “second Adam"
  • How God uses song to celebrate his redemptive acts
  • Why the Last Supper marks the beginning of a greater exodus than that of the Old Testament
  • How Jesus’ death and resurrection are grounded in the eternal covenant among the persons of the Trinity
  • Why Jesus’ ascension makes a difference in our lives today
  • What we know and don’t know about Jesus’ return

Moving from Jesus’ existence from before creation through His incarnation, boyhood, adulthood, death, resurrection, and return, Dr. Sproul guides you to a deeper understanding of God’s beautiful promise and purpose behind the works of Christ’s life.

Comment: RC Sproul is one of the finest theologians of the Church realm. At this point, he – like many church leaders of his era – is firmly committed to both excellent traditional church practice, and excellent traditional church doctrine. Learn from him, trust his teaching, but if God is taking you beyond the traditional Sunday morning experience, don’t be surprised if your doctrine moves beyond Sproul’s superb foundation.