War in Heaven: God's Epic Battle with Evil

Why is our world a scene of conflict? Is this conflict restricted to earth? What happens in the three "levels" of heaven? Does Satan really roam freely throughout the universe? Do Christians have any role in the conflict in the spiritual realm?

Prolific author and Bible teacher Derek Prince addresses these questions and more in this carefully researched and superbly written book. Although focusing almost exclusively on the pre-Adamic era, Prince also explains that the Bible is primarily a record of Adam's race rather than a history of the world. He discusses the creation of man, as well as angels, particularly addressing the fall of Lucifer and the angels who joined him in his rebellion against God. Prince concludes that pride, which fueled rebellion, is the root of all sin, and he explains God's eternal plan of salvation. 

Written with clarity and simplicity, this fascinating book offers readers biblical answers to fundamental questions and reassurance for the future.

From the Back Cover
A cosmic view of God's plan-from start to finish!

The Bible says that when God laid the foundations of the earth, the angels were watching. In time, one of those angels would be the main player in a rebellion to wrest God of His magnificent creation.

Thus began a battle of epic proportions that leaves today's believer with many questions.

-Why did God allow evil in the first place?
-If evil was defeated at the cross, why does it continue to exist?
-Does spiritual warfare really make a difference?
-How are we to await the end of the age?

In a fascinating, compelling exploration of Scripture, Bible teacher Derek Prince addresses these and many other questions. Focusing on events before the creation of Adam, he also describes Jesus' stunning victory over Satan.

But it is not over yet. Now is the time for God's people to make war on the enemy! Take up your spiritual weapons and follow the King of glory. Peace and assurance await you.

About the Author
Derek Prince is a Bible expositor with a world wide radio ministry and the author of more than forty books, including Blessing or Curse and They Shall Expel Demons. He lives in Jerusalem.