Welcome to Fred

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Can you keep a secret? Mark Cloud isn't sure he buys the whole God thing anymore. The problem is, he can't really tell anyone. Especially not his dad, the Baptist preacher.

As the last of the modern nomads, a preacher's family is always on the move, and Mark has learned to cope with life as the new kid in town. At least he's in a town.

Until he is whisked away behind the Pine Curtain of East Texas to the microscopic community of Fred. There, his urban coping skills fall flat as he fumbles every attempt to fit in. And the girl of his dreams is immune to his Sixties counterculture charm.

But these frustrations fade in comparison to the crisis prompted by a dusty book he finds lodged between the stacks on the library. Before it's over, Mark will have to face his doubts. And his father.

This award-winning novel is a moving and hilarious coming-of-age story set against the vibrant backdrop of the 1960s and rural America.

More than 100 5-star reviews! 
This is a book you pick up and just keep reading and reading when you have other things you really need to do. Brad Whittington takes the fish-out-of-water, coming-of-age story and spins it like a top. Great characters, great dialogue, warm story, very true to life.