What Would Jesus Drink? What the Bible Really Says About Alcohol

ONE BUCK BOOK: What Would Jesus Drink?  

NWP’s Confession: I was NOT looking for this book. But it’s exhaustively researched, brilliantly written, and it includes every verse in the Bible that relate to alcohol. Best of all: he writes without ANY sense of “You must believe this way!” Wow. That’s different!

What would Jesus drink? For the sincere follower of Jesus, the answer is not as easy to find as one might expect. 

Was Jesus really the miraculous bartender by creating wine at a wedding, as some have said? Did Jesus really drink wine at the Last Supper? Was the wine in the Bible really grape juice? Is drinking wine, beer or liquor a sin, or just a personal preference? Should a Christian abstain anyway, even if it’s not a sin?

Brad Whittington decided to dig deeper, to find every verse in the Bible that touched on this topic, and figure it out. He set aside any sermons he might have heard, any personal history, any personal preference, and began a search for the truth, committed to following it wherever it might lead.

This book is a quick-read, a chronicle of that search and his conclusions. For those who also want to take the time to dig deeper, at the end of the book he includes a list of all 247 verses in the Bible that refer to wine and strong drink so you can easily read them for yourself and also read them in context. He also include a bibliography of other books on the topic, most of which disagree with his conclusions, for those who want to research further.  

If you grew up, as I did, being taught that good Christians DO NOT DRINK alcohol and found that hard to reconcile with all the production of wine in the Bible, and the admiration of wine in the Bible, and all the neutral mentions of wine in the Bible that (strangely) didn't seem to treat it as some sort of demonic liquid at all -- well, you'll enjoy this book like a glass of the beverage of your choice. Whittington has made himself an expert on the Bible's positive and negative treatments of alcohol, absent any preconceived personal history and preference, and laid it all out for curious readers to come to their own decisions. It's thoughtful, comprehensive, and a powerful resource for everyone from pastors to pew-sitters, teetotalers to tippers. Highly recommended.