When Will My Life Not Suck?: Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned

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Is This as Good as It Gets?

Personal crises and disappointments have led many to the pessimistic conclusion that "my life sucks." Underneath the contemporary slang are universal and timeless questions about the human condition.

People of every age, in every kind of circumstance have wondered to themselves and others: Will my life ever be better than this? Is this as good as it gets? This book is an honest and compassionate look at the real struggles we face in a broken world where bad things do happen.

Ramon Presson, a marriage and family counselor, describes his own significant personal struggles, including hospitalization for depression. Using the letter that Paul wrote to the Philippians from prison, Presson shares that hope and joy are possible even when life disappoints.

Full of practical suggestions for how you can live with purpose and meaning right in the middle of your everyday struggles, When Will My Life Not Suck? is a hopeful treatment of human suffering from someone who has personally lived it and counseled others through the wilderness.
"Sorry Mom! I know 'suck' is an ugly word! But I just had to endorse this book. Ramon shows you through his life what he does to live a vital life that doesn't...um...well, you know! If you've ever had that uneasy feeling that you're stuck in a life that's just plain hard, you need this book. It will lift your spirits and challenge your perspective."

I was able to get an early release of "When will My Life Not Suck?" It's almost worth the reading just for the title alone. I really enjoyed Ramon's take on pain and loss and how we recover from them. The book is well written. This is not some heady psychology book, but rather has a very hit-me-where-I'm-living feel.