Who is the Holy Spirit?: Crucial Questions

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In this Crucial Questions booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul cuts through the confusion by going back to the Bible. He establishes the biblical teaching on the Spirit’s identity—He is one of the three persons of the Godhead, along with the Father and Son—then briefly sketches some of the most basic yet important roles the Spirit carries out.

He shows that the Spirit gives new life to unbelievers, then sanctifies, strengthens, teaches, and anoints them for ministry. This booklet provides a basic understanding of the divine person on whom Christians’ very lives depend.

About the Author
Dr. R.C. Sproul, the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries, is known for his ability to communicate the deep truths of the Christian Faith. He is the president of The Reformation Bible College, preaches at Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, FL, and teaches on the daily radio program, Renewing Your Mind. He has written more than eighty books

How life transforming it is to know the God Holy Spirit, the third person of the trinity. So deep, so intimate, so relentless is his love and care for believers that it is impossible to live a Christ centered life apart from him. If your spiritual life lacks joy and power perhaps you would consider getting to know the One who knows all about you and is committed to your sanctification.