Why We Eat Our Own

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All too often, Christians who are sinners themselves become judge, jury, and jailer over others.

In his newest release, Why We Eat Our Own, author and pastor Michael Cheshire boldly explores some unsavory questions. Why does the world often do a better job of forgiving their fallen than the Church? When did the Church become cannibalistic? Is the decline in Christianity due to the world or have we just become horrible to each other and the world noted it?

Michael Cheshire offers a raw, uncensored view of a huge nagging problem many churches struggle with today. With a soulful vulnerability, readers are easily drawn in to this page-turner. But readers be warned...his approach also unloads both barrels and leaves you wide-eyed. (I particularly loved his commentary on the concept of "accountability". And I'll leave it at that...no spoilers here.)

Think you're mature enough in your faith to take in what you need rather than just what you want? I triple-dog-dare you to read this one.