I’ve been asked recently about listening to the Bible. Yes, I’m a great fan of hearing the word!

These are the two versions that I listen to. The narration is clear and articulate, and does not intrude on the content of the text as some do.

Here's how I use them: I have The Message on my iPad, and I listen to it every day on my lunch hour, and often at bedtime when I’m trying to slow my brain down. And I meditate on what I'm listening: thinking about it, chewing it over. I’m on my third time though the whole Bible this year. 

I have the ESV on my phone, and I listen to it when I work in the garden or when I’m doing dishes or mowing the lawn. I’ve been through the whole Book, once here, but mostly I’m listening to the book of Hebrews over & over. Such wonderful, rich treasures in there! It's amazing how God uses both of these together in teaching me! 

Note that these are .mp3 format, not the normal Audio CD format. Many (but not all) newer CD players, both home units and especially car units, will play these. Or they’re perfect for loading on your mobile device (as I’ve done). They’ll play on your PC wonderfully (Windows Media Player or iTunes, or many others). They will not play in older CD players.

Narrated (no accent) by Stephen Johnson

Narrated (no accent) by Kelly Ryan Dolan 
Message MP3: http://nwp.link/Tue9WI
This version includes translator Eugene Petersons to the Bible, and to every book in the Bible. Nice addition! 

Here are Audio CD versions. These will play in ANY competent CD player. Note that there are WAY more discs, and therefore, they’re substantially more costly:

Narrated (in a British accent) by Max McLain.
Hmm. I can’t find an Audio CD version of the Message.