FREE FOR ONE DAY ONLY: Divine Healing Made Simple (One day, Saturday. Not Friday: Saturday!)

FREE FOR ONE DAY ONLY: Divine Healing Made Simple  

Free for one day only. 

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This is also an excellent introduction to "How to partner with the Holy Spirit today!"

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The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Written About Divine Healing

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Perfect Balance of Practical Instruction and Inspiring Stories! 
By Nor'west
This is an accessible book: a “regular guy” facing “regular issues” has discovered some powerful insights in the road that we’re on, and he’s sharing his story: “This is what has worked for me.”

Divine Healing Made Simple is wonderfully down to earth. It’s both incredibly practical for those who want to heal others supernaturally (“This works.” “This doesn’t work as well” “I think this is why that happens.”), and it’s remarkably inspiring (he has a great number of stories, where things worked, where they didn’t).

Get the book. It will be worth the cost! Read the book. It will be worth the time. Then if you really want to mess your mind up, do the stuff that he’s talking about. You’ll be glad you did!

 Truly a practical guide to Divine Healing! 
By Holly L Cusato
I have studied Divine Healing going on two years, and agree that Praying Medic has written a book that provides a soup-to-nuts, easy-to-read view of living a supernatural life in the Kingdom of God. While I have read numerous books, watched on-line videos, and studied from some of the best leaders living the supernatural lifestyle yesterday and today - I have hoped for a single book that I could share with family and friends that explains Kingdom concepts in a straightforward way.

The Holy Spirit has accomplished this through Praying Medic - who covered all the necessary topics from healing to deliverance and fasting, kept it simple, shared his personal stories and testimonies, and made Divine Healing within reach for everyone. I am back on-line to buy more copies to share!

 A must for any one serious about healing the sick 
By Kody Justus
Each topic is addressed and kept to a manageable amount of information. Very easy to read and understand. The thoughts, quotes and instructions are easily accessible for future reference. The author stays focused on real life situations and not just theory that has never been tried and tested. The authenticity and pure heart of the author comes shinning through in a way I truly appreciate.

 Praying Medic authors a great read on healing and challenges the church to reach beyond the building to bring healing to others! 
By Lisa Martin
I really enjoyed this book. The honesty and experiences found throughout this book very enlightening. If you are a disciple of Christ this book is for you! I enjoyed the insights from Praying Medic's experiences regarding healing throughout his life and the challenges and also the victories that he has had following the leading and instruction of Jesus to heal the sick and bring wholeness to the people that he encounters.

There are parts of this book that have spoken very strongly to me and I have had to go back and meditate on some of the things that I never thought of before. Praying Medic does an outstanding job of relating scripture throughout and brings some interesting ways of interpreting scriptures on healing that I have not thought of before. Also, his relationship with the Father really stands out in this book as being the foundation for everything that he does.

This is definitely a great book for someone interested in bringing healing to others. We all have the authority and power to bring healing to those we encounter. Praying Medic gives us some great tools and strategies to use to help fulfill healing in other's lives. This is definitely a book that I will reference in the future when given the opportunity to minister healing to others.

 Divine Healing Made Simple by Praying Medic 
By Mark Reed
Praying Medic is not just an example but he is a teacher as well. Solid teaching made simple. Hearing what and how others have been through stretching their capacity for God is more than inspiring it is motivating. He leaves you with that feeling this isn't so hard, I think I can do this. My capacity of faith has grown from reading and beginning to apply it more effectively in my own walk. A must read. Thanks, Praying Medic, for putting your heart between the covers!

 Divine Healing Made Simple by Praying Medic A great read 
By Terry Mingus
Format:Kindle Edition
This is a a book I am glad to see someone finally wrote. A great collection of practical wisdom and real life miracles. Get it, you'll be glad you did.

 Really simple solutions for your seemingly huge problems
By Jonathan Porter
Anything by Praying Medic is sure to blow you away but at the same time leave you with answered questions instead of a bunch of new ones...LOL