God Shows No Partiality: The forgotten slogan of the early church

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By Dave Barnhart  

If people in the early church had driven cars, "God shows no partiality" would have been on their bumper stickers. It was a well-known principle that led the church to include Gentiles, eunuchs, foreigners, women, and children within its community life. 

This slogan shows up in multiple books of the New Testament, yet it remains unfamiliar to most Christians today. Our failure to remember this slogan that once made the church so dynamic has warped Christian theology.

What would happen if we reclaimed it as a slogan with which to address racism, homophobia, and religious exclusivism?

This book makes the case for a different understanding of what "Lordship" means when talking about an impartial God. By looking at the conflicts of the past, it points the way to a hopeful future.