It is Finished: Why you can quit religion and trust in Jesus

Comment: Blaise is one of my favorites in the current crop of writers.

There is a generation who has come to the end of religion and let go of the pressure to "measure up" in their spiritual journey.

They have abandoned the idea of an angry God in the sky who is keeping a list of humanity's rights and wrongs and they are awakening to the picture of pure grace and love found in the Person and life of Jesus Christ.

Their freedom is found in their identity as sons and daughters of the Father who is Perfect Love, and their bliss is anchored in the the overwhelming reality of Christ's finished work for all mankind!

Blaise Foret has struck GOLD with this book "It Is Finished". This book is like a shot of espresso in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. It'll amp you up and get you flying high. With chapter titles like "The Day God Threw a Keg-Party", this book is sure to bring a smile to your face and cheer up your grumpy theology.