CS Lewis: A Life Inspired

ONE BUCK BOOK: CS Lewis: A Life Inspired 

Explore the life of the renowned author of The Chronicles of Narnia and his views on faith, reason, doubt, and love. This enlightening biography examines Lewis’s own rigorous debates about the Christian story and its place in our imperfect lives.

A man of reason and vigorous discourse, and a renowned professor of literature and philosophy, C.S. Lewis, always “Jack” to family and friends, never shied from intellectual debate, and through his written works encouraged others to wrestle with the difficult questions of faith.

A master of visual illustration and allegory, Lewis wrote with the intuitive understanding that his readers wrestled with the same questions about the Christian story, about pain, suffering, and notions of Heaven and Hell, as he himself had wrestled. He also understood that others found reason and imagination to be incompatible aspects of an understanding of God and the universe.

This book did an excellent job of showing how Lewis' early life, particularly his early Atheistic views, shaped his conversion to Christianity. I think few casual Lewis fans know about his journey from adamant Atheist to Christian apologist, and how it influenced his writing. Great read!