Three Free Kindle Books: Prayer, Apologetics, Father's Heart


By James L. Nicodem, with a foreword by Bobby Bowden 

Time and time again Christians decide that they ought to pray, pray more, or pray more consistently. Often, though, the plans remain just plans. Prayer Coach will equip readers to make their hopes leap from the play book into the daily grind. 

By Lisa Cline

If you are a Christian who has shied away from defending your faith, afraid that it would be awkward or that you did not have the right tools to do so, read a page of this book for the next 31 days and see if those thoughts might change

If you've ever wanted to have a father who is there, present with you, in every moment of the day, who delights greatly in your accomplishments, and who comforts you in your deepest pain. . . if you've ever wanted to have a father who will never mock you or push you beyond what you can handle, but who loves you the same yesterday, today, and forever. . . then this book is for you.