Frank Peretti's Handbooks for Spiritual Warfare


First of all, let me clarify: these are novels. They are works of fiction. These are not instruction manuals. These were not actually written to teach us about spiritual warfare.

In the same way that Narnia is not actually written to teach us about Jesus. Sure does a good job, though!

Yeah, these are novels, but they’re better instruction for how darkness works against individuals and regions than most (not all) actual textbooks. And there are exceptional tools that can teach you – if you’re willing to learn – how to oppose the darkness and bring about the manifestation of Heaven’s light.

Besides that, they’re full of great characters you’ll learn to love, both human and angelic. (Here’s a secret: Guilo is my favorite!)

Note: these are neither free nor "nearly free." They’re merely exceptional. And timely.

But if you haven’t read them before, don’t start them unless you have several hours in front of you. Seriously.

(Besides, Frank Peretti is from the Northwest! Booya!)