Paradoxy: Coming to Grips with the Contradictions of Jesus

Yield to conquer. Die to live. Be enslaved to be freed. Why did Jesus teach in apparent contradictions? If his message was so important, why did he communicate it so mysteriously? Tom Taylor unfolds some of the core mysteries of Jesus as he explores eight puzzling statements whose meanings ultimately reveal critical truths about life, faith, and relationships. In these pages you learn to see the world through Jesus' eyes. You learn how to embrace Paradoxy--a profound way of living that leads to both personal peace and peace with God.

Paradoxy analyzes these seemingly contradictory truths, revealing not only their poignancy but also fresh ways readers can apply them to life today. Drawing from his own experiences as well as Scripture, Taylor explores each paradox to reveal convicting realities about life, faith, and our relationships. Both intelligent seekers and experienced Christians will be challenged by this unique study on Jesus's teachings, ultimately finding peace and a deeper, more passionate life with Christ.

"Tom Taylor's insights in Paradoxy clearly reveal how Jesus' upside-down view of life can turn us right side up . . . read it!"--Robert H. Schuller, founder, Crystal Cathedral Ministries

"Taylor brilliantly leads the reader through compelling story to the power of Jesus and his paradoxes that both promise and deliver on peace."--Nancy Murphy, associate professor, Mars Hill Graduate School

"Tom Taylor retrieves the message of Jesus with wit and wisdom."--Allen Verhey, professor of Christian ethics, Duke Divinity School

"Tom's style reminds me of the writings of Donald Miller and Anne Lamott. . . . This may well be the best book you read this year."--James Bryan Smith, author, Embracing the Love of God; coauthor with Richard J. Foster, Devotional Classics

Tom Taylor is a speaker and the senior pastor of Glenkirk Church in Glendora, California. He is also adjunct professor in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of the award-winning 7 Deadly Lawsuits.