Song of Songs By Mike Bickle

Song of Songs
By Mike Bickle

A 24-session, comprehensive, verse-by-verse teaching series

Seven years ago, Mike Bickle finished his ten-year-study of the book of Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon). He presented it in a college-level class, 24 sessions, 24 hour-long lectures.

This revolutionized my world the first time I heard it.

Here’s the link:

This is a LOT of content. 

You can download the study notes in either pdf or Word format, or a complete transcript; you can stream audio or video, or download the audio.

It is not available in the Kindle format, though most eReaders (including Kindle) can read the pdf format.

More of Mike’s books here, and several of these are in Kindle format: http://nwp.link/mikebickle.