The Renewed Mind, Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be

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Larry Christenson  

Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be. 

Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? By sheer will power you set your mind to overcome it ... but suddenly, there it is again! Do you ever have thoughts rise up in your mind which would make you blush if they were suddenly broadcast over a loudspeaker?

Experiences like this express the gap which exists between what we are and what we want to be. This book is all about bridging that gap!

In a vivid series of images and parables, the Christian life is depicted not as a drear duty, but as an adventure of faith--living each day by the guidance and power of Christ's indwelling presence.

The Renewed Mind touches on five major areas of the spiritual experience:

·         Dependency on God
·         Facing challenges
·         Patience
·         Discipline
·         Prayer

This expanded edition includes new study questions.