Woman Thou Art Loosed Devotional

ONE BUCK BOOK: Woman Thou Art Loosed Devotional
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Devotions taken from the triumphs, failures, trials, and faith of the women in God's Word.

"I proclaim to the abused: There is healing going into your spirit right now. I speak life to you. I speak deliverance to you. I speak restoration to you. All in the mighty name of Jesus, in the invincible, all-powerful, everlasting name of Jesus. I proclaim victory to you.

"God knows the woman you would have been, the woman you should have been, the woman you could have been. God is healing and restoring her in you as you call out to Him.

"Once you realize that you have been unleashed you will feel a sudden change. When you come to Jesus, He will motivate you and get you to see that other woman in you. You need to blossom and bring her forth."

--Bishop T.D. Jakes