The Church of Facebook

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The Church of Facebook: How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community

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This timely release explores the community-altering phenomenon of social networking sites and what it reveals about friendship, God, and our own hearts.

With hundreds of millions of users, social networks are changing how we form relationships, perceive others, and shape our identity. Yet at its core, this movement reflects our need for community. Our longing for intimacy, connection, and a place to belong has never been a secret, but social networking offers us a new perspective on the way we engage our community. 

How do these networks impact our relationships? In what ways are they shaping the way we think of ourselves? And how might this phenomenon subtly reflect a God who longs to connect with each one of us?

The Church of Facebook explores these ideas and much more, offering a revealing look at the wildly popular world of online social networking.

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The Kingdom of God - Past, Present or Future?

Free right now

Someone described the Kingdom as "The Presence of the Future." And there's a sense in which this is the very best description.

The Kingdom of God is a concept found throughout the Bible but is not always easy to grasp. Jesus said that the kingdom of God was at hand - what did he mean by that - was it not at hand before and would it not be at hand in the future? What is the Kingdom of God today and who is a part of it?

Brian Johnston deals with this important topic in his usual accessible way in this e-book as part of the popular Search for Truth series.

1. The Conditional Kingdom
2. The Coming Kingdom
3. The Contemporary Kingdom

4. The Consumate Kingdom


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Touching His Robe: Reaching Past the Shame and Anger of Abuse

By by Leslie G Nelson, with a foreword by Josh Weed.

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Survivors of sexual abuse and assault often struggle with anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. Many also find themselves feeling like the woman who touched the hem of the Lord’s robe to be healed: desperately needing the Savior’s help, but feeling too full of shame and pain to approach Him.

When seeking help, survivors are generally counseled to forgive, but instead of bringing relief, this message often increases their shame and pain. Forgiveness is not the only step towards healing, nor is it the first step.

Touching His Robe shares scripture anecdotes and metaphors that will help answer questions such as, “If God is real and He cares about me, why did He allow this to happen?” The author encourages readers to at first just touch His robe, and guides them on a journey to help them come closer to embracing Him.

Leslie G. Nelson enjoyed a close personal relationship with the Savior that helped her through many difficult personal trials, but when memories of childhood sexual abuse surfaced, she found herself ashamed to approach Him. In Touching His Robe, she shares the insights gained on her journey with the sensitivity and clear communication she acquired during years of teaching women and youth at church and while working in a halfway house, juvenile detention, and a group home for abused children and teens.

What readers are saying:

Leslie’s book treads lightly around the abuse itself—in fact one only sees tiny glimpses into how dark those years of trauma were for her—but the insights she gains from it as she explores concepts like forgiveness, anger, and God’s love are what makes this book a magnificent addition to the genre. Her scriptural insights are truly thought-provoking, and I found myself nodding in agreement over and over as I read about oft-referenced stories in a new and startlingly original way.
— Josh Weed LMFT, CSAT

I believe if my daughter had read this book, she would still be alive.
— Alice Hunt, mother of a survivor who lost hope and died by suicide at age 19

 Some of the best encouraging writing I’ve ever read!  
— CeeCee James, author of Ghost No More

I was touched on so many different levels, and by the beautiful way Leslie put things, so clear, so concise and so deep-reaching into my heart and soul. It is the exquisite pain we get when we see a masterpiece and the sheer beauty of it makes you cry with the joy of its magnificence but it also somehow makes you feel a little sad.
— Mary Sue Marshall, survivor and blogger


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