His Redeeming Love: an Autobiography

Autobiography of prolific and bestselling author, Matthew Robert Payne

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I know Matthew. He’s a Australian, and he’s one of the more humble human beings I’ve met. This is the first part of a fairly messed up life. But let’s be honest: it’s the messed up lives that let Jesus shine the best, and He does from Matthew! ~NWP

From sin to goodness, from the city to the country, and from the boy to the man; Australian author Matthew Robert Payne takes us on a spiritual journey in Part 1 of “His Redeeming Love.” This memoir attempts to banish the lingering shame of his childhood sexual abuse and a long-term addiction to sexual activity with prostitutes. He travels a sometimes lonely path, but he is thirsty for the love and connection that only faith can bring.

He accepts Jesus Christ as his saviour at the age of 8 when an evangelist visits his Sunday school class. He experiences the rejection of his father who is away working and he feels the sting from his older brother’s hand. In Coffs Harbour he enjoys the sensation of a surfboard beneath his feet as he rides the waves. But his world turns dark at the age of 14 when he is sexually abused by various men. He somehow moves forward with his life as he works in a restaurant and drives a taxi. And he eventually learns to find love....

He marries and divorces Sharryn, and his estrangement from their son Brandyn makes for some of the most painful moments in the story. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, some of Matthew’s struggles now have a name. He has suicidal thoughts but his mother and his younger brother pull him back from the brink of taking action. He testifies, “Yet, through all my shameful life and all my sin, Jesus has always been with me.” Both Christians and seekers can benefit from understanding this life journey. Sin, suffering, joy and blessings can draw us all closer to His Presence.

One Reviewer said:

“Vividly paralleling the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son, it shows so clearly that no matter how deep we fall into sin the Saviour never stops loving us and longing for our return. Matthew is a captivating storyteller who frequently surprises us with his unique observations on life: on occasions he comes across as a charming, loveable rogue, yet at other times he is shockingly down-to-earth.”


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