Blue Like Jazz

http://amzn.to/1LaVjhh $1.99 for Kindle. Paper from a penny.

This is the book that started it all for me. This rocked my world. I trust it'll open some windows in your own.

This contemporary classic gets a limited edition makeover with movie art and a new preface from Donald Miller.

In print for nearly a decade, Blue Like Jazz has earned a coveted spot on readers’ shelves and in their hearts. Many have said that Donald Miller expressed exactly what they were feeling but couldn’t find the words to say themselves. 

In this landmark book that changed what people expected from Christian writers, that changed what people needed for their spiritual journeys, Donald Miller takes readers through a real life striving to understand relationship with God.

Heartwarming and hilarious, poignant and unexpected, Blue Like Jazz has become a contemporary classic.

For anyone wondering if the Christian faith is still relevant in a postmodern culture, thirsting for a genuine encounter with a God who is real, or yearning for a renewed sense of passion in life . . . Blue Like Jazz is a fresh and original perspective on life, love, and redemption.

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Delivering the Captives, from Alice Smith

Kindle version for $0.99.
Paper from one dollar.

Do you know an intercessor who needs some tools? Here’s a good one. Alice knows what she's talking about! 

Keys to Overcoming the Enemy

Christian, do you suffer from an unbridled temper, overpowering sinful habits, overwhelming sadness, or any number of other spiritually defeating issues? Are you seemingly unable to establish and maintain positive, meaningful relationships with others?

Counselor or Pastor, do you sometimes wonder why you have such limited authority over evil spirits; and why, after evicting them one week, the same spirits show up again the next week?

In Delivering the Captives, Alice Smith draws on her thirty-five years of deliverance ministry around the world to expose some of Satan's "slickest strategies." She explains how he deceives us into building spiritual strongholds in our own lives through willful sin so his demons can operate, develop into strongmen, and access levels of dominion over us. Let Alice show you how to detect and defeat strongmen, and precisely why Jesus said we must bind the strongmen before we dismantle their strongholds and permanently dismiss them.

Here are your guidelines, including Alice's much sought-after list of Apparent Demonic Groupings which reveals how demons work together. Here are your biblical tools, including prayers, proclamations, and pronouncements to renounce evil spirits and remove them from your life and from the lives of others.

Alice Smith is cofounder and executive director of the U.S. PRAYER CENTER in Houston, Texas.

She is a member of America's National Prayer Committee, the International Reconciliation Coalition, and the International Strategic Prayer Network. Alice studied music at Houston Baptist University, and recently earned her Doctorate of Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alice's first calling is to intercessory prayer and to represent a life of integrity and transparency to the body of Christ.

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The Longest Bridge across Water

http://amzn.to/PWneXe [Kindle: $0.99] 

Does God still move today as He did for Moses, Elisha, Peter or Paul? Does He still speak to ordinary people like you and me? Can He use your hands to heal, your lips to prophecy, your words to birth miracles? What does it look like when He invades the life of an average person like you or me?

Come along and be amazed at a true, unfolding story as God unexpectedly crashes a normal man’s life, leading a 29-year-old businessman into explosive revelation and then prophecy, healing, miracles and much, much more. What’s possible for Jeremy is possible for you. His story, full of revelation and supernatural experience, will leave you breathless, reaching out to God with cries of “Me too! Me too!”

“Reading Jeremy’s book is like having coffee with an old friend that is catching you up on the last 20 years you have missed out on. Jeremy beautifully shares his story, then he invites you to experience the same things. This is not a book written from an ivory tower by an expert, this is a friend helping show you the way to a deeper walk with God. I encourage you to take the time for this book, it’s a blessing.”
                  --Jonathan Welton, Best Selling Author, and founder of the Welton Academy

"In the Longest Bridge Across Water Jeremy gives a transparent recounting of his journey with God. The vulnerability and candor, with which Jeremy writes causes the reader to feel safe and yet empowered, resulting in a resounding "I can do this too!" to come pouring out of the mouth and heart. Jeremy recounts incredible miracles in this book, the simple outcome of hearing from God and doing what He said to do.

Somehow over time we can forget what this whole thing is really about. This happens because at some point we lose close connection to the Source that gave us life to begin with. It usually isn't intentional; we simply forget.

This book is the reminder.

Square one is loving God and being loved by Him. Most of the time we hear "back to square one" and think of a setback or starting over. In the case of The Longest Bridge Across Water, going back to square one is anything but a setback because square one is God Himself. If you want to minister in power, with consistency, and without burn-out, go back to square one and stay there. This book will lead you back to that Place. It has for me."
                 --Tyler G. Johnson, Best Selling Author and Director of DRT

When you read this book, the first question that keeps popping up might be, "Whoa! Can this be legit? Is he telling us the truth?" And the answer is "Yes!" and "Yes!" I've walked through the past 18 months with Jeremy and seen these things come to pass, watched God heal people, been there as the visions and revelation happens. It's all God, and it's all real -- the playing out of God's prophecy through the Prophet Joel (2:28). I've bought 50 copies to use in ministry, that people will know that God is still active and more eager to bless us than we are to ask.

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Gemstones from Heaven

Gemstones From Heaven (God Signs Book 1)
By Michael King (author) SL King (editor)

http://nwp.link/1Ex5Ujt: Brand New this week!

Are you ready to experience miracles? Do you want to see the impossible become possible? Join us on an exciting journey as we uncover the meaning behind a unique miracle happening around the globe--and how you can have this miracle too! Come see why gems are literally falling from heaven!

As you read this book you will discover what God is saying and doing through this miracle, answer your questions, and how you can partner with Angels to have this happen for you! This book doesn't avoid the hard questions but takes them head-on in a no-holds-barred expose of the gemstone manifestation. The only thing you will wonder when you finish reading is "When will I find my first gem?"

If you are hungry for a more meaningful spiritual experience or want to engage the supernatural, this book is for you!

Here's what you will find in this book:
• Our Testimony: our family's personal story of how we started finding Gemstones from Heaven
• What is God Saying?: A look at Gods plans and purposes for this miracle
• Discernment and Deception: Navigating the miracles with wisdom
• The Price of a Stone: What should we do with the gems once we find them?
• Dealing with Feelings: What do we do if the miracle doesn't happen?
• Tasting the Fruit: stories from others
• How Can I Have This Happen?: Partnering in prayer with God and angels by faith.

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Finding Home

by Jesse Birkey  (Author), Lydia Blain (Editor)

http://nwp.link/1NLXKHa Brand New, just published today!

Fiction. But oh, what fiction it is.

John had been a pillar in his local church, but the loss of his family in a terrible accident destroyed all he’d known to be true. After cutting ties with everyone and moving across the country, he settled into a life of alcohol, women, and bar fights.

John wanted to turn his back on God and the beliefs he grew up with, but an encounter with a mystical stranger makes him think twice. Can John wade through the trauma of his past and lifelong pain of his heart to connect with God once again?

“Home” for Alice was a suffocating prison of sex and drugs until a suicide attempt took her to Redwood, New York. A new relationship with Jesus brought life from her ashes, but memories of her childhood still escape her, leaving a void nothing can fill. Can a surprising move and chance at love finally bring light to the darkness?

My review:

Finding Home is an absolute treat to read. Jesse’s writing reminds me of Frank Peretti’s, but the voice is all his own. The characters are alive and the storytelling is brilliant.

And the story; Oh the story! He had me deeply involved from the first page, and in tears several times before it was over. I surely hope he plans a sequel.

Comment: I read an advance copy. And I'm glad I read it on a midnight flight, because I was weeping before I was through. Wow, what a book

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