The Quitter's Manual: Finding Rest in a World Gone Berserk

by Jeremy Mangerchine  (Author)

http://nwp.link/1Ssadi8 [99¢ for the Kindle version]

The world around you is berserk! The pace of life careens so quickly that your head spins from dawn to midnight in an onslaught of input and activity! 

Guess what? It’s only getting faster. As you pitch and yaw down the narrow path between crazy-busy and completely overwhelmed, life itself loses value. 

To regain control, you take a day off or book a vacation, but, upon returning, you’re immediately sucked back into a state of inner chaos. Resistance seems futile.

Here’s the solution: Give Up! Quit! Climb out of the hamster wheel and discover real life!
This Quitter’s Manual will teach you:

1. What rest is.
2. How to enter rest.
2. How to live a life of constant rest.
3. How to re-enter rest when you find yourself slipping back into chaos.

It’s time for you to gain mastery over yourself. Stop chasing rest and learn how to quit. You’ll be amazed how rich life can be for those who find and live from a place of rest.


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