I Am Your Sign, by Sean Smith: FREE

Forewords by Mike Bickle &  Winkie Pratney  

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Are you hungry for the power of the Holy Spirit?

Are you fed up with tired religious traditions?

Do you want revival?

I Am Your Sign is an inspiring, invigorating look at some of history’s most powerful moves of God. If you think that faith has been drying up for two millennia, get ready to read about numerous believers who have come upon seemingly dead regions and they were ignited by the most unlikely ministers—affecting incredible changes.

You will be challenged to press forward in prayer, asking God to begin a new revival, today! Personal, present-day testimonies as well as exciting examples from history and plenty of Scripture support makes I Am Your Sign one of the best revival books in years.

It prepares a new breed of revivalist in the same way that the priest Hilkiah brought the truth to Josiah—and he became a Kingdom revolutionary. I Am Your Sign presents prophecies, history, and the Father’s intention to inspire hearts, concluding in a summons to change the course of history!

Editorial Reviews

This book will evoke a yearning for revival to emerge in the depths of your being. Sean enables you to hear the rumblings of Endorsements God s Spirit in the heart of the earth and brings your heart to quake in God s presence, as you arise a revivalist in your generation. ---Ché Ahn, Senior Pastor, HROCK Church

The battle over the soul of a nation has a sound. It is a sound of violence. It is the sound of the clashing of the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. What happens in this moment will affect the generations to come. In the midst of all of the noise, I feel that God has given Sean I Am Your Sign as a clear trumpet call that will release marching orders for the advancement of the kingdom of God. May the God of glory who thunders over His armies shoot this book as an arrow into the heart of a generation! Onward! ---Rick Pino, Founder of Fire Rain Ministries

Sean Smith brings a fresh perspective to the often talked about need for revival. As I consider the condition of God’s church (especially in Amercia), I see a spirit of apathy that prevails in many congregations. I believe that God has a great awakening on the horizon for His body. Sean drives home what it will take to see and experience this awakening in the life of every believer. Sean Smith is a true revivalist and this book is a must read for those that are hungry. ---Dr. Jim Willoughby, President, I.C.F.M.

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