Abiding in the Father's Love by Joe McIntyre

Abiding in the Father's Love 
by Joe McIntyre

Kindle: 5.99
Paper 8.00

This book is an invitation. Your Father is calling you to know Him in life-changing ways. You were created for Relationship and Fellowship. Your heart cannot be satisfied until it finds its rest in the Father's Love.

Satan has worked in all of our lives to distort the image of fatherhood. As long as we feel alienated from our Father's presence, our Christianity will be us working to appease a god who can never be fully pleased.

But when we see the Truth about our loving Father and enter into a deep, rich fellowship with Him, life takes on whole new meaning and significance. This is why you were created and what Father longs to bring you into.

This book points to the riches of grace revealed in what Christ has done for us so that we might enjoy intimacy with our Father God.


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