The Beginner's Guide to Traveling in the Spirit

The Beginner's Guide to Traveling in the Spirit
by Michael C King

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One of the best-kept secrets of the Bible is the ability to travel in the spirit. Found in both the Old and New Testament, this capacity has become increasingly popular in the past several years as God has brought this revelation to the Body of Christ on a widespread level. 

This shift, however, has brought about many questions. Some are skeptical as to whether traveling in the spirit is even possible. Others are concerned whether spirit travel is simply the occult practice of astral projection by another name. Still others want to know not just whether it is possible, but are hungry to learn how to engage this spiritual gift. This book investigates all of this and more!

In The Beginner's Guide to Traveling in the Spirit, MichaelC King takes the reader through a logical progression, beginning with the Biblical basis for traveling in the spirit, looking at the practice of astral projection and comparing it with Biblical spirit travel, then delving deeper to explain how it is done. 

He explores travel in the heavens, the cosmos, and around the earth, complete with testimonies of such encounters. He covers trances, examines spirit travel in one's dreams, and even reviews communicating with the spirits of those who have died. 

Practical exercises are included to help the reader activate, practice, and develop this gift regardless of skill level. In the end, it is the author’s express hope that this book will help draw the reader into a deeper walk with God.

In this book you will learn about: 
  • How I stumbled into this ability
  • The biblical basis for traveling in the spirit
  • The purposes and value of traveling in the spirit
  • Astral projection as compared to Christian spirit travel
  • Spirit travel in your dreams
  • Cross-dimensional travel
  • Soul fragments and inner healing
  • The silver cord
  • Engaging the Courts of Heaven
  • Communicating with the dead
  • The ethics of traveling in the spirit
  • Spirit travel on the earth and in outer space
  • Traveling into the heavens
  • Seeing in the spirit
  • Discernment of spirits
  • Defense against dark arts and the demonic
  • Trances
  • How to activate spirit travel in your life