Powerful & Free

by Danny Silk

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, "Women in Ministry"?

A. Nursery Worker
B. Children's leader
C. Pastor
D. It's complicated

If you are like most your answer would be, "It's complicated".

Many believers are still confused about the proper place for women in the church. Powerful and Free is a call to address the structural message of inequality. 

It is not a theological treatise on the biblical case for female leaders (there are many excellent resources for this already). 

It is not a political program to implement some kind of affirmative action in our leadership teams, because that doesn't work. 

Rather, it is an appeal to the hearts of men and women to recognize the existence of the glass ceiling for women and to challenge themselves to align more fully with a Kingdom vision for gender–blind leadership in the Body and equal male–female partnership in the home


This is the book I have been waiting for! In his book, Powerful and Free, Danny Silk lifts the veil to reveal a reality for many women in the Church. 
I really believe this book is a catalyst to bring a new movement of freedom to the Body of Christ. I am thrilled to give my endorsement and look forward to witnessing the testimonies of lives changed! 
--Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture

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