Modern-Day Apostles: Operating in Your Apostolic Office and Anointing

By Ché Ahn & Bill Johnson   [Brand new!]

The Earth is waiting …
For Apostolic Power to be Demonstrated!

Even though there were 12 apostles in Scripture, there is still an apostolic office and function that all Christians need to know about.  In fact, many believers are functioning apostolically—and yet, they are not fully stepping into this unclaimed seat in the spirit realm.

When the people of God access the apostolic anointing, the Earth will witness a greater manifestation of Jesus’ fullness and power!

Dr. Ché Ahn, president and founder of Harvest International Ministry, is a world-recognized apostolic leader.  In this signature book, he is taking all believers to the school of the apostles, where they will learn to either operate in the office of apostle or function apostolically in their current sphere of influence. 

You will learn how to:
• Recognize if you are an apostle by office or apostolic in function.
• Step into your apostolic anointing and multiply the release of Kingdom influence through your life.
• Operate in your apostolic jurisdiction in the church or marketplace.
• Re-culturize your sphere of influence as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom.

When you learn how to operate apostolically, you can boldly take your place as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom on Earth with a supernatural assignment to transform your sphere of influence to look more like Heaven.

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