The Gourmet Gospel: A Spiritual Path to Guilt-Free Eating

The Gourmet Gospel: A Spiritual Path to Guilt-Free Eating by [LeRoy, Abdiel]

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You are a "slave to righteousness" meaning, in the author's words, "one who is naturally aligned with the will of God". Being "dead to sin" and "alive to God", it is impossible to be otherwise!

Nor are you subject to compulsive behaviors for, as LeRoy points out, "The addict died on the cross." Diets, he says, are a type of Law, at best useless, at worst hellish, for the Law "makes sin increase."

The Gourmet Gospel anchors readers not just in their immortality but in their immutability, inseparable from the love of God and their own greatness. LeRoy draws on a rich vein of ancient wisdom—from Homer to Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde—to show that fear and doubt are mere theatrical characters now, no more relevant to a person's life than the feelings feigned by an actor on stage!

Meanwhile, with fierce prophetic fervor, LeRoy delivers a devastating critique of the condemnation regularly meted out to children of God from our pulpits of today.

Enjoy this book (now joined by the author's audiobook narration) and, to quote The San Francisco Review of Books, "breathe freedom"!


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