Why You've Been Duped Into Believing That The World is Getting Worse, JD King

Brand New, from JD King

The media is lying to you about the supposed horrible state of the world, and we swallow it—hook, line, and sinker.

While the news focuses on homicides, brutal terrorist acts, and warnings about global diseases, they are only telling part of the story.

In this meticulously researched book, J.D. King gathers stories, statistics, and relevant data to prove his point that the world is improving.

Written to encourage you during these tumultuous times, Why You’ve Been Duped into Believing that the World Is Getting Worse presents a hopeful view of what’s happening around the globe.

"With a wealth of accurate statistics on his side, King goes toe-to-toe with the pervasive message of hopelessness, revealing the difference between facts and lucrative sensationalism. A world headed towards ruin might sell more papers, but King brilliantly proves that our world is not deteriorating. It is advancing.... If ever we needed a book of this nature, it is now."
--BILL JOHNSON, author of When Heaven Invades Earth

Q&A with J.D. King

1. What inspired you to write this book?

I've heard well-meaning people assert that America is on the verge of collapse. Multitudes are caught up in disaster stories. Newscasters and social media mavens tend to amplify social unrest. For some, the future is so dim that they can barely get out of bed in the morning. Many feel that hope has been dashed.

I’m tired of this distorted narrative. Obviously, problems remain in the world, but there are also a number of wonderful things occurring. Someone needs to draw attention to incidents of progress. Much of what is deeply impacting lives--violence, economics, health, and family--are trending in the right direction.

I felt that I must write about the goodness and hope that is breaking into this world. Wanting others to be aware of global advancements is part of what inspired me to write this work.

2. What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

One of the hardest things about this project was incorporating the statistics and relevant data points. Over three hundred footnotes from sources such as The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Harvard University can be overwhelming. I wanted the documented sources to be embedded within relatable stories and fast-paced narrative. Trying to effectively bring together these elements was a considerable challenge.

3. What can readers learn from this book?

We are not always getting the whole story. While violence, perversion, and greed remain in our world, these dreadful practices are not increasing. On the contrary, beauty and wonder are growing. Many find it hard to believe, but faith, hope, and love are transforming creation. I think the big takeaway from this book is that God is up to something wonderful in the world and it is time to throw off fear. That is an inspiring truth that I want everyone to discover.

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