Praying Medic's First Fiction Book: The Gates of Shiloh

The Gates of Shiloh
By Praying Medic
Just published this week. $9.99 

Shiloh hid her secrets well.

Most of them had names.

Charity’s job at the coffee shop seemed a breeze until death came knocking on her door.

Two women, as different as night and day, somehow became best friends.

Was it luck? Or was it destiny?

As evil forces tried to destroy Shiloh's life, how did Charity always manage to stay one step ahead?

Come along as we explore life and death, time and eternity, the purpose of pain, and the power of love.


About Praying Medic
Praying Medic is a paramedic and author living in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2009, he has written about the miracles God has done through his medical practice. His life goal is to teach people to live as ambassadors of God's kingdom. His books and articles are intended to inspire and challenge readers to enter into a deeper relationship with God.

If you're interested in connecting with him outside of Amazon, he has a personal blog (http://prayingmedic.com/) where he writes about the miraculous. You can contact him there.


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